tokio hotel are back and i admit it’s a little surprising for me to post on it. but read on to find out what’s what.

tokyo hotel are back

i pondered for a while whether i should write about this comeback. and, after a month of looping two of their new released videos and researching them online, i decided i will. not being able to get over something i like is usually a good sign!

tokyo hotel are back 1

since i haven’t had tv for years, i missed their world takeover. i heard about them and quickly dismissed them. but i changed my mind when i saw them doing a live version of mansoon, their first single and hit. it was the 2007 ema awards and after watching them for a few minutes i could see what the fuss was all about. they have the right energy and exciting intensity. i was won over!

now, the internet found a way of letting me know they were releasing a new album. i watched the first single and i was convinced. i don’t care (like their hoards of fans) that they no longer look or sound the same. wouldn’t it have been boring if they just went ahead and just did the same all over again? the track is a great pop song with a hypnotic, depraved video. lol!

i’m currently fixated on a second track. i do it sometimes, when things happen to nail a mood i can relate to. and this sad song of unrequited love as well as the intimate video featuring only the twins hit the nail on its head.

i listened to the whole album and at least half of the songs grew on me. one tip: please lay off the autotune, guys! it’s so 2010…

out of all the research i’ve done, what struck me the most was the unbelievable bond the twins have. wow – i’m jealous!

tokyo hotel are back 3

to get a better feel of what the band is all about, watch their reality series showing what goes on behind the stage. i linked to the new series (9 episodes). for the hardcore fans, there are 53 more back episodes. you will find out what is the process the boys go through to write the music, who pumba is and how well the boys get along. if this won’t convince you, nothing will!

tokyo hotel are back 2

this being said, i’ll be watching the upcoming adventures of bill, tom, georg and gustav!

photo and video credits: tokio hotel