i got into an early train to tokyo. it was full of salary men who had spent the night drinking their stress away. there was a cute, well-dressed one who was doing a lot of acrobatics to reach and get hold of a bar. lol!

my first taste of tokyo was ginza at seven o’clock on a saturday morning. it was amazing! i searched and searched the grid for the prada building. i couldn’t find it. of course, i found it the next day, in omotesando, where it had been all along…

i spent the second part of the day with my gracious host, shunsuke. we went to akihabara. amazing manga-everything stores. crowds of kids wearing eye-popping outfits. i saved a black robot from the sale bin. 500 yen to make him all mine. it’s here on my desk now, watching me type away.

we visited the royal palace garden and then we took the monorail to odaiba. the rainbow bridge and the city behind it were beautiful. niiice!

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credits: lilaesthete