more art: the husein chalayan exhibition in the museum of contemporary art. i loved it. i also liked the regular collection of the museum and the beautiful basement bistro. they were recycling silver cutlery from the hilton. cool!

and then: la piece de résistance: anish kapoor in a tiny gallery in ueno. i could have never managed to find this one without liviu. the pieces were amazing, one in particular: a multi-faceted polished steel “diamond” that was on sale for approximately 1 million euro.

we walked around ueno and ended the evening in akihabara. i tried to buy a boy-love manga i had seen in kyoto, in the manga museum, but, even with liviu’s help, i couldn’t manage to find it. i later found out it was by a korean author (which explains the unavailability). luckily, i found it later, scanned and translated online. yupiii!

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credits: lilaesthete