i met liviu in shibuya. we had a quiet walk to ebisu and then went to harajuku, on takeshi street, where he helped me pick japanese snacks for my friends back home. i got, among others, dry octopus, roasted peas, huge corn, beans, wasabi crackers, fish spines with honey and sesame and various kinds of weird bubble gum. i said goodbye to liviu and went to toni&guy to get a haircut. they were great, very polite and thoughtful. liviu had made a reservation for me and had requested a person familiar with european hair (hihi!), so, when i sat down in front of the mirror, there was a pile of english language magazines waiting for me. nice touch! the stylist was very skillful, he did a great job and hugged me when i left.

i met shunsuke and we had eel for the goodbye dinner. yummy!

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credits: lilaesthete