i don’t discriminate when it comes to making friends: i don’t care about your age, i don’t care if you are a dog, i don’t even care if i have ever met you or not. this last category is made up of my ghosts. they are important to me and sometimes it happens that i meet them eventually.

tom barman is one of them: i discovered his early deus stuff and i never let go, i relate to it too much. we met a few times in recent years, each time in a different place, mostly due to the fact that i kinda followed his band around.

one night, in bairro alto, parting ways, he gave me his number in order to make sure i was going to be on his list for the gig they were playing two days later in porto. apart from getting in as tom’s guest, i kept on using the number every year, on january first, his birthday.

and i’ll do the same today: happy birthday, tom! thank you for inhabiting my mind with your stuff! and a happy new 2011!