tonight seems to be one of the busiest nights of the year: beside the regular events, we also have museum night!

bring the noise says i should totally check the double concert in ctrl and, after i listened to a few melodious and well-produced samples on youtube, i’m sold: we’re going to see jeniferever and arms and sleepers!

now, back to the avalanche of information regarding museum night:

for transport, check this. get your own copy of the special museum night map from any of the participants.

mnac will be open 21-5 to show its stuff and some interesting special events. great!

anthony frost english bookshop is open until midnight and after 19, everything goes for 10% off.

the village museum has a special program today, 10-14.

the main bucharest museum night site gives bilingual details here.

the museum of the romanian peasant and the natural histroy museum are neighbours so they have a joint project: during this weekend, in front of the atheneum, they built a maze! sounds like fun!

the national museum of art has an impressive series of concerts. the special program runs from 19-4, and afterwards, there’s an after party in green hours.  this is tonight’s hot ticket, imo! i’m checking out the hokusai show and norzeatic and khidja jam session with the great mihai iordache – sax and electric brother -bass.

who says bucharest cannot be cool! haha!