1. Jak and Jil is amazing. If you haven’t checked it out so far, do it now! You won’t be disappointed. But you will end up with a shoe obsession, as he seems to make them look even more breathtaking that in real life. Apart from the main blog, Tommy Ton took over Scott Schuman’s job at Style.com and also has a new blog documenting Sergio Rossi designs.

2. Elin Kling‘s blog documents mostly her outfits, which are inspiring. With a penchant for linear shapes and Acne, her style hits my spot.

3. The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, has one of the most enduring street blogs in the world.  Widely followed and praised, Scott forms the blogging power couple with…

4. Garance Dore, who started her blog out of boredom and in order to showcase her drawings.

5. Yvan Rodic is the Face Hunter,  a street style blogger who travels the world and shows us the best outfits in Bogota or Kiev. I prefer his visual diary which makes me daydream about living out of a very small bag…

6. Sea of shoes is run by Jane Aldridge, a Texan teenager encouraged by her mother to hoard very expensive shoes.  Hard to resist her posts, though!

7. Nitrolicious is a New York based blog run by Wendy Lam. She is very active in posting info on new products releases mostly, but also on her travels and outfits. She also has a section for her Hong Kong collaborator, Kari.

8. Anna dello Russo is the fashion director of Japanese Vogue and she has a blog archiving her endless outfit changes. I will profile her soon so…watch this space!

9. Former model Haneli‘s blog follows her travels and presents the best outfits she finds, her own and not only.

10. Bryan Boy raised to fame when Marc Jacobs invited him to one of his shows and named a bag after him. His blog follows his travels around the world.

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