top 10 instagram april 2015 is a post about what i have found on insta recently.

top 10 instagram april 2015

i’ve been discovering the world of instagram progressively. what i like most about it is the fact that it gives me the feeling of living everywhere around the globe at the same time. sakura blossoms in tokyo? seoul fashion week? captions in brasilian portuguese from a jet setting super model? i love it!

10. symmetrybreakfast is a london-based food stylist who’s cooking a twin meal every day.

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9. pønt is a copenhagen-based jeweler making simple designs.

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8. nina-bruun is a copenhagen-based designer for muuto.

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7. ine-c is a 24 year old girl from gifu.

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6. sengo kuhonke is a tokyo-based flower stylist.

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5. mr. printables is posting mostly paper folding stuff. find him on his website too.

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4. shini from park & cube is one of the few fashion bloggers i’m following.

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3. fit_co is your source for the shortest workouts with the highest impact. find them on their website too!

1g 2g 3g

2. ray is a street style photographer. i cannot tell if he’s based in seoul or just visiting. anyway, his coverage of the recent seoul fashion week was awesome he has a tumblr, too!

1h 2h 3h

1. judit is a barcelona-born, asheville-based weaver. find her unbelievably work in her etsy store. very beautiful!

1i 2i 3i

i have two related extras this month: natgeo and natgeotravel. check both of them for breath taking insightful pictures! also, they are great places to discover amazing photographers and start following their work!

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as always, your nominations are welcome. show me your favourites! :)

photo credits: copyright holders, the cover photo is mine