top 10 instagram june 2015 is my latest selection. due to travel, work and oversight, i jumped over the may top. i hope you don’t mind.

little aesthete top 10 instagram june 2015

10. rene redzepi is a great forager and the chef of the best restaurant in the world. well, the truth is that noma is not the best this year (only 3rd) but it was best for 3 years in a row.

unripe strawberry & plum marinated in gin

1 top 10 instagram june 2015

fragrant late summer flowers

3 top 10 instagram june 2015

sweet rose milk and angelica straw

2 top 10 instagram june 2015

9. noma has a separate insta account which i’m also following.

the entire team was in japan at mandarin oriental, tokyo, at the beginning of this year for a a pop up called noma japan.


black garlic leather


oat ice-cream and flowers


8. flora forager is a seattle-based botanical artist, painter, writer, nature lover and light seeker.

91 92 93

7. saez manuel is a valencian artist i found.

caribe, 1995, watercolor on paper, 56×76


studio 13


perfecto 7, 1994, acrylic on canvas, 55×55


6. dessert masters is a an account posting stellar sweets.

lemon curd tart


white chocolate & pistachio cake


eclair cake with custard & italian meringue. decoration: chocolate, velours, & isomalt


5. dinosaur designs is an australian design brand.

modern tribal platters


gold lustre featuring the new orchid bangle


inky purple swirls and petal-like plates


4. zoe gilbertson does unbelievable cross-stitch.

61 62 63

3. fangophilia‘s day job is a dental clinic. his side project is doing silver casts for various body parts that serve as jewelry. skrillex, diplo and marilyn manson are just some of his clients.

71 72 73

2. yuya sarashina is an ashtanga yoga teacher from sapporo. i first saw him in vogue japan, photographed by mario testino.

81 82 83

1. unistella is a korean manicurist. i love her work!

5152  53

as always, your nominations are welcome. please show me your favourites!

photo credits: copyright holders, the cover photo is mine