10. firma. short lived and not exactly up to standard overall. but this is remarkable.

9. kumm. decent.

also very good, click

8. ocs tried and tried but only part of their stuff was worth remembering.

7. unfortunately, the same goes for ab4.

also very good: click

6. zob’s punk meant little to me. but here you have vlase and mara with a bittersweet ballad.

5. coma. very good effort.

also very good: click

4. urma. they have a couple of very good songs.

also very good: click

3. suie. they used to be amazing with cezar/junkyard, he was the the cool guy to their nerd.

also very good: click

2. timpuri noi. perfect disident rock.

1. zdob si zdub – amazing honorary romanian etno rock band. roman is white hot and his larger than life stage persona overwhelms. they sound heavy and have the cojones you rarely find in romanian bands. also, did i mention roman’s hot?

also very good: click

video credits: youtube