top 10 roppongi is my summary of this very interesting district. you have plenty of options for spending an entire enjoyable day in the area.

top 10 roppongi

10. national art center has a permanent collection of modern art. the remarkable structure is the work of architect kisho kurakawa. they have two upcoming exhibitions: the costumes of sergei diaghilev’s ballets busses and works borrowed from musee d’orsay in paris.

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9. suntory museum of art focuses on japanese traditional art. you can find it in tokyo midtown (see no. 2) ever since its new redecoration. they have a a shop and a cafe as well as the possibility of experiencing the traditional tea ceremony.

8. mori art museum is a private museum whose aim is to make art available to the wide public. i never miss its shows when i’m in town.

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7. mori tower is a 238 m, 54 story skyscraper. it is one of tokyo’s highest buildings and a recognizable piece of its skyline.

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6. mori tower sky deck is on top of mori tower, 270 m above sea level. the observatory on the 52nd floor will permit breathtaking views of tokyo. it is one of the best places to get an idea of the geography of this huge city.

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you can either go outside on the roof or use the indoors observatory. both allow you to take amazing aerial shots of the city.

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5. 21_21 design sight is an art gallery in tokyo midtown. it is directed by fashion designer issey miyake, graphic designer taku satoh and product designer naoto fukazawa. the building bears the signature of architect tadao ando.

i would love to see their upcoming show, image makers.

top 10 roppongi  6

4. maman by louise bourgeois is that huge spider structure at the bottom of the mori tower. i would love to be able to use it as a meeting point more often.

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3. roppongi hills is a huge complex that contains, among many others, 210 shops and restaurants. nearby, there is an arena as well as a garden.

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2. tokyo midtown is a complex that includes 130 exquisite stores and at least one museum and the ritz carlton, on the top floors of the 248 m midtown tower. in front, you will find a henry moore sculpture.

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if i were there, i’d pick up something from the cool 24h supermarket and i’d enjoy it outside, in the park. it’s exactly what i did the last time i was there. yum!

top 10 roppongi 15

1. tsutaya roppongi is most probably my favourite hang out spot in tokyo. tsutaya is a store that sells books and dvds. but my weakness is their infinite display of international magazines. i could easily spend a day there, getting updated. they even have an in-house starbucks and terrace. it’s pretty perfect!

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roppongi is tokyo’s nightlife spot but you will have to discover that yourselves. i rarely go out when i’m traveling since the long days tend to tire me out.

time out has 101 more things to do in roppongi. enjoy!

photo credits: little aesthete