bad guys. you know, the kind that sound like such a bad idea…perfect!

5. andre van noord. model. he’s in the current the kooples campaign together with his real life wife marisca. click here to see how he seduced his wife! his page.

4. scott weiland (stone temple pilots, velvet revolver). totally unsafe. still kinda hot. even with the weird dance…yes, i know he has more clothes than the women he dates. and i’m sure he loves himself more than they do. still on the list though…

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3. tony ward. click here for more info!

2. robert downey jr. does he even need an introduction?

1. mike patton (faith no more, mr. bungle, peeping tom, and an endless series of other musical projects). a musical genius with many, many interests. but he’s mainly on my list for his undeniable charisma. a keeper!

any complaints?

photo credits: google search