beside the big established institutions, it’s always a great idea to check out the small players, especially in such a happening city as bcn. my advice: check google maps for the galleries in your area. or, better still, try to get research done before arrival so that half the work is done.

my absolute favourite piece from my gallery hopping: el perro hipster by amaia arrazola, in miscelanea (see details below). makes me smile every time i see it!

5. dolors junyent galeria d’art. i liked a large piece with a serious looking girl in dark grey tones.

4. galeria eude has an ongoing david hockney series of graphics. interesting.

3. tatiana tourochkina galleria d’art. i saw the show that had just ended, kac: alba & edunia. i could live without the photographs but i loved the figurine of the guy holding a red-eyed white bunny.

featherless, 2006

2. mito. the gallery was closed but the gallerist was kind and he let us in to check it as it was. apart from the pieces on show, there were several of them still in bubble wrap. the best and most complex selection of works.

1. miscelanea is a cute little gallery/shop/cafe/concert space off rambla. i was there first a few years ago and i remembered the mismatched chairs saved from the thrash and the cardboard deer trophy on the wall. i wasn’t sure i could find it again on the maze of little raval streets, but i did! one night, when we were heading back to our hotel, we came across it right when they were having an exhibition opening: the artist was amaia arrazola, a petite brunette (if i’m not mistaken) everybody was hugging and kissing. her drawings were cute and funny. i especially loved the perro hipster (see first pic above)!

and, for just 20 euros, one can buy 212 of the drawings on show – super deal!

there’s plenty more galleries in barcelona. some were closed, some didn’t have anything going at the time and some, i simply didn’t find. but there’s always a next time!

photo credits: lilaesthete, google search