top 5 graz is my list of the best things to see and experience in this wonderful town.

top 5 graz

i was in graz twice and on both occasions i took a day trip from vienna. but i believe that a weekend is a more appropriate time frame to make the best of it. equally modern and traditional, the town has plenty to offer.

5. mur insel is an artificial island on the river mur. it was designed by artist victor acconci in 2003, when graz was the european capital of culture. the structure was so popular that it stayed put. half of it is an amphitheater and half of it a cafe. the cafe has a dated sci-fi look. but i’d go there again. where else can one have good cake next to the flowing river to a soundtrack of richard marx?

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4. schlossberg is the centerpiece of graz. you can climb the stairs, take the lift or the funicular to get to the top. there are several restaurants up there but also a big clock and a garden. whichever you choose, make sure to enjoy the wonderful views!

under the hill, there is a network of tunnels. they were created during the second world war in order to protect the locals from aerial bombing. some of the tunnels are still open and some of the underground space was re-purposed.

top 5 graz 4

3. local foods. visit the farmers’ markets and buy at least a bottle of the magnificent pumpkin seed oil. you’ll love it!

2. krampus was an unbelievable surprise we had on december the 1st. devils and monsters roam the earth free and the show is unforgettable. decidedly worth visiting graz for!

top 5 graz 5

1. kunsthaus is why i came to graz in the first place. the alien structure looks great in day light but even better at night, when its high-tech skin creates light shapes.

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* tribeka. the place to be for a snack, a fresh juice and for hanging out. 1 minute away from the kunsthaus and wiesler hotel.

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* if you follow my blog, you know that i visited 3 hotels while i was in graz. so it’s no surprise that i would recommend daniel, wiesler or das weitzer in case you decide to spend the night.

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if you need anymore details about a possible trip to graz, find it here.

photo credits: little aesthete