top 5 miyajima is supposed to make it easier for you to make the best of this truly wonderful island near hiroshima. its official name is itsukushima but everyone will know what you mean if you use miyajima – shrine island. the island and its floating tori are considered one of the most beautiful sights in japan.

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if you are coming from hiroshima, take the train to miyajimaguchi. then, take the ferry to the island. i would recommend to spend a day on the island. there are plenty of things to enjoy, so relax and have a nice day trip.

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so these are my top 5 things that one should try and not miss on miyajima:

5. tame deer are the island’s most beloved inhabitants. they are not so keen for petting as they are for snacks. people help them get water whenever they need it. i know that because it happened to me that one deer asked me for water. she was next to a hose so i turned it on, filled a recipient and she drank. you’re welcome!

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4. oysters. i was there in may, so i could take full advantage of the grilled oysters and saint jacques. there are grills everywhere, so take advantage of this cheap, fresh and delicious snack. you can see the oyster farms in the water, from the ferry.

so, you got it: an oyster feast is a must on miyajima!

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3. daisho-in temple. hike uphill to this cluster of temples and shrines. it’s quiet and complex. take your time in discovering all the little statues and surprises of the place. it’s a perfect place to take beautiful pictures.

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2. senjokaku means 1,000 mats and it’s the informal name of the hokoku shrine. the red pagoda attracts you there only to be bewitched by the wooden pavilion. forget about everything and just relax. seeing the sea from above helps, too. a wonderful place.

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1. the floating tori gate is miyajima’s main attraction. depending on the tide, the level of the water can differ dramatically. in the morning, the tori is indeed floating but, with the hours, the water goes away. in the afternoon, you can walk all the way to the tori. enjoy!miyajima top 5 30miyajima top 5 32 miyajima top 5 33miyajima top 5 8 miyajima top 5 50 miyajima top 5 51

what i missed and you may want to see: the very central and suspended itsukushima shrine, the top of mount misen and the acquarium.

i hope you’ll like miyajima as much as i did!

photo credits: little aesthete