romanian hip hop is kinda dead, although the hopelessness of the social environment could be a fertile background. it is certainly not my thing, so this top is not based on sales or popularity or even actuality. i like authenticity, wit and balls.

1. mc vexatu vexx + deceneu remixed by one of the heavy weights of the electronic scene, matze. an all time favourite!

2. deceneu, a fucking genius! an amazing lyricist, he does not hurry for the usual misogynistic and misanthropic jokes. a distinctive voice and a pun-heavy and somehow endearing style. unforgettable!

3. raku, another distinctive voice (among others, he rolls his r’s). he’s like an unfulfilled promise in my book: could do great but hasn’t reached his peak yet. below, with ombladon, from parazitii

4. guess who, a relative new comer (see also the production values of the video)

5. machomen b.u.g. mafia

enjoy 5 samples of relevant, untranslated romanian hip hop! imo

source: youtube