traveling with iherman is something i have been long planning to do.

traveling iherman 9 10

there have only ever been 10 ihermans. carla made them as the star of a unisex collection. in case you haven’t noticed, he has breasts as well as a penis. also, he has ball-jointed legs and a cute little engraved logo on his back. he is an anti-stress gadget made of solid silver. he can be used as a necklace or as a key ring. or as anything else you may see fit.

i borrowed iherman and i took him to london. he did not mind the rainy british weather. i carried him around in my pocket like a netsuke and the silver got warm from my palm

traveling iherman 1 traveling iherman 2 traveling iherman 3 traveling iherman 4 traveling iherman 5

after a walk in hyde park, we took a pit stop in front of the serpentine gallery. i like zaha hadid’s extension, which currently serves as a restaurant.

traveling iherman 6

in harrods, iherman took a break and napped on a bed of bright-coloured ranunculus.

traveling iherman 7

back to bucharest, he seemed to love the sunny may and the walk in the park.

traveling iherman 1 10 traveling iherman 2 10 traveling iherman 3 10 traveling with iherman 4 10 traveling with iherman 5 10 traveling with iherman 6 10 traveling with iherman 7 10 traveling with iherman 8 10

i found a dead tree whose trunk was engraved by woodworms. the traces left looked so symmetrical they seemed to be butterfly wings for my silver friend, right?

traveling with iherman 10 10 traveling with iherman 11 10 traveling with iherman 12 10

iherman is no longer available right now. but, in case you really, really like him, you can contact carla. she can make your own iherman in a short couple of weeks. i hope you liked my little friend as much as i do!

photo credits: little aesthete