i’ve fallen off the face of the earth lately. you must know why, right? yeah, i’ve been spending lots of time and energy on trip planningmt-fuji-view

i know i have recently bitched about it but don’t forget that i had to plan for 30 days away from home. i had to make decisions regarding the transport, the budget, the attractions, the accommodation and the food.

i will barely ever be in the same place twice. 30 days of letting the new in! i’m excited! imagine that during each day of this trip i will eat exciting unknown food, i will sleep in a new bed and i will spend all my time experiencing new smells, sights and sounds!

i will be in tokyo the longest. but the  maximum of 11 days spent there will be barely sufficient for the world’s largest metropolis. and at least one of those days will be a day trip outside of the city.


but perhaps i should just show you my itinerary (or let’s just call it my plan).

bucharest > tokyo via london.

then 10 days visiting the following: aomori > towada > hakone > kobe > miyajima > kyoto > a few islands of the seto inland sea > osaka.

from osaka we fly to taipei (3 days), then to seoul (4 days) and we return to tokyo for our final 11 days.

and then back home.

the laborious research made me drop some ideas (okinawa, okunoshima…) but i came across some cool things i just had to see! what do you think of this kaws show in a tiny tokyo gallery?

trip planning

or of this stag beetle shop in seoul? right up my alley!

trip planningtrip planning

during this month away, among many other things:

i will get to see my friends again.

i will make new friends.

i will try korean barbeque.

i will most probably buy all the vogue editions i will find: korea, taiwan and japan.

i will try to get on top of that super tall taipei 101.

i will check out korean cosmetics – apparently they are amazing.

i will sleep like a log after long days.

i will finally get to visit ghibli museum and see the unreleased film included in the ticket price.

i will get lost in supermarkets that have absolutely no product that i have seen before.

i will bring back lots of weird snacks such as octopus jerky, black chewing gum, umeboshi and wasabi kitkat.

i will hopefully find and buy noh masks in recycle stores.

and i will get off the train to see this 18-m 50-ton gigantor (i missed him the first two times).

trip planning

i’m not crazy about trip planning but now there are only a few days left until take off…i can’t wait!

photo credits: google credits