type collective is made of 8 romanian designers in love with type. alex beltechi, andrei ogradă, felix hornoiu, koma sinistro, vlad neuman, nicu duta, octavian budai and vian peanu. they have a shared love of all things typography and lettering and a new show. you can watch the teaser here.

type collective

last night, i went to the opening of the first ever type exhibition in bucharest. it was hosted by the fairly new and pretty much only decent art gallery in bucharest: nou9. apparently, they will flex their space to fit whatever needs your event may have. so far, they have welcome unplugged concerts, pop up dinners, art events, etc. they define themselves as being an art gallery, a mini cinema, a tea house, a cocktail-bar, meeting point, workshop and general venue, all rolled into one.

the opening was totally the hipster central i expected, but none the less enjoyable. the turn up was more than decent. i have quickly come to the conclusion that this gallery deserves keeping an eye on in the future. the location is great (9 aviatorilor str.), they had drinks, sweets and a selection of related stickers.

the show was powered by atelierul de print and will run until the 22nd of february. check it out!

find the type collective on their website or fan page.

photo credits: type collective