use your corona time wisely! take advantage of the content available for free due to the virus. i will try to. this wealth of available resources makes me both excited and anxious. dive in. there’s a lot of stuff down here. most probably something for you, too. (ps: the cover pic is from my favourite place in tokyo, anjin lounge in t-site, daikanyama).

MUSEUMS can visit the kunsthistorischemuseum in vienna. actually, check this long list of things from vienna you can see online.

2. you can take a few virtual tours of the louvre.

3. you visit la pedrera, even if you’re at home.

4. sagrada familia is also available for virtual touring.

5. and so is casa batlo, another one of gaudi’s buildings.

6. and here are 14 more big museums you can visit virtually.

7. less than 10 more (a few are on the list above, too).

8. you can visit fundacao serralves from porto.

9. check out 50 art galleries from japan.

10. do you like frida kahlo?

11. frank lloyd wright sites offer virtual tours.

12. casa da musica by rem koolhaas’ oma is a porto highlight. you can watch the video below or click here for a tour.


1. a list of japanese art and culture documentaries.

2. architecture and design documentaries.

3. music documentaries.


1. if you like mubi, they have a current deal: 3-month subscription for 1 euro.

2. you can discover eastern european cinema.

3. more easterns european films with subtitles in various languages.

4. films in their original language with portuguese subtitles.

5. over 1k free films online.


1. learn how to film in 40 days.

2. would you like to take some art history classes?

3. 450 ivy league online courses.

4. even more courses.

5. nikon offers online photography courses.

6. courses about japan.


1. astiberri is a wonderful bilbao-based publishing house that specializes in comics. they offer some free content in spanish during these weird times.

2. comics in english.

3. marvel is offering access to some of their stuff.


1.colouring books from 113 museums.

2. books in romanian from editura humanitas.

3. books in spanish from various sources. and some more books and magazines in spanish.

4. hundreds of titles on audible.

5. over 100 sesame e-books for kids.

6. lots of french books.


1. at home workouts.

2. check out pamela reif.

3. also, official thenx.


1. vogue deutschland april 2020 issue for free browsing or download here.

2. v magazine april 2020.

3. the december 2019 issue of vogue spain with rosalia on the cover.

4. vogue polska is a strong magazine. read here the february 2020 issue.

5. anyhow, browse i got lost in all their content!


1. la philarmonie de paris is broadcasting the best of its concert archive.

2. el palau de la musica from valencia is also offering some of its concerts. only two are available so far.

3. the metropolitan opera in new york is streaming over 700 performances.


1.visit japan.

2. play in david attenborough’s great barrier reef.

enjoy all the stuff and feel free to add other links in the comments. stay in and stay safe, everybody!

photo and video credits: little aesthete, copyright holders