valencia part 1 is the first set of pictures i took during my winter holidays away.

this is a not a post of tourist highlights. for that, you could try my other posts from valencia.


the first thing i did when i arrived was to promptly crawl into a bed, with high fever. all the double and triple booking i’d done to myself reached its end and i gave in, fortunately during my first day of vacation. yeah, this is the sign of an efficient workoholic – the body gives in when it’s no longer needed so much.

anyhow, i recovered within a week or so. and i went out to see the sun and reacquaint myself with the city.

valencia part 1

valencia part 1 1

if you’re looking to have your first horchata and fartons, this is the right place!

valencia part 1 2valencia part 1 3 valencia part 1 4 valencia part 1 5valencia part 1 6valencia part 1 7valencia part 1 8

walking around like i had no destination and no curfew (i didn’t), i came across jardin de las hesperides. apparently, it is connected to the botanical garden. i missed the connection this time. maybe next time!IMG_4512IMG_4515IMG_4518IMG_4527IMG_4528

if you notice that the streets are mainly empty, it’s because this was around christmas: people had better things to do. but i see it as a privilege. it’s not often that you get to have time alone with a city!


i wrote about these murals 3 years ago, when i first came to valencia.


disneylexya is the new kid on the block of valencian street art. check out his amazing piece i posted on ista.


this is the roof of mercado central.


and this is iglesia de los santos juanes.


literally thousands of bikers disguised as santas. i looked it up but there’s not much about it online.


this is the turia park, the former bed of the turia river, dried down and re-purposed.


part 2 of this series is coming very soon. stay tuned!

photo credits: little aesthete