i’m very excited to be (finally) spending a couple of days in cool, modern vienna. insert garfield grin here…

my research says that, even if my favourite mumok is closed until 9.09 for renovation, i still have a very wide range of options:

– do you remeber h.r. giger? i was happy to find out that kunst haus wien. museum hundertwasser has a retrospective (10.03-26.06) of the goose bump producing swiss artist!

– austrian artist and personal favourite erwin wurm is the artist in focus at mak

jan fabre at the kunsthistorisches museum  (4.05-28.08). in the video, you can see the man who measures clouds. that’s usually on top of the kanazawa museum

– museum quartier has a summer-long celebration for its 10th anniversary.

– the couch surfing community is organizing vienna calling (1.06-5.06)

– 11 festival for fashion and photography (6.06-11.06)

curated by vienna (6.05-5.06) a project promoting the collaboration between galleries and curators

– and, speaking of galleries, I’d love to see as many as possible!

austrain airlines were so kind to send me a pre-flight message including my flight details, weather info for the week following my arrival, etc. did you know that one can use their boarding pass as a facility card? good thinking, austrian!

as usual, I plan for, like, three times the time I have…