i usually book flights at the beginning of january and then i start researching and planning. the upcoming trip is to spain, in the second part of march: madrid – bilbao – barcelona. i’m jumping up and down just thinking about what’s to come!

i will only cover bilbao today, as i’ve been busy researching it lately. i decided to take a two-day trip to bilbao because i’ve been meaning to see the guggenheim museum really badly! and, to make my decision easier, i discovered that the museum has a current brancusi show. among the other exhibitions, there will be a selection of egon schieles from vienna’s albertina. i love it when i get to see the same art i’ve seen before but in different settings.

although there has been a lot of controversy regarding the building, in a recent interview, gehry said that the undertaking was a real success: apparently, they recovered the entire cost in the first seven years. and i guess i’m living proof that people do go to bilbao lured by the titanium structure.

another futuristic structure houses the health department – el departamento de sanidad y osakidetza. what’s odd is that i found it by chance, as none of the tourism sites promotes it… anyway i think it’s unbelievable!

13m euro worth of cool

also, i found another gehry building nearby: the marques de riscal hotel (it includes a vinotherapy spa, a restaurant, a congress center and all the other trimmings expected from a high-class hotel) located in the middle of one of the oldest wineries in the rioja region.

in the neighbourhood, there’s also a cute little gastronomic hotel (the only one in the rioja region with a michelin star) with a wide range of food/accommodation combinations.

so many possibilities, so little time! and, coincidentally, i’m expecting a basque guest to surf my couch. it’s small world getting smaller by the minute!