visiting kobe took one day. but, in retrospect, i missed many cool things. there’s always a next time, right?

visiting kobe

i left osaka and arrived in kobe. i got off the train and, when the train left, i found myself in front of the sea. the salt water smell triggered a wave of memories…

visiting kobe

as you can see, kobe is completely recovered after the 1995 mega-earthquake.

this is a fish made by architect frank gehry. a local cafe commissioned a sculpture and the artist chose his favourite subject: fish. it is a bit hidden but i was lucky to find it by chance.

i was tired so my tour of the city was short. i went “home” in the late afternoon to get a shower and some sleep before 11 pm, when i was supposed to have dinner/talk with my host. long story short: there was a mix-up so the pastries and bean paste i had brought to be late dinner became next day’s breakfast.

photo credits: little aesthete