visiting kyoto, day 2. it was my second and last day in kyoto.

visiting kyoto

we started the day by dropping our luggage off at the station before going out. we went to visit two temples, both outside the city.

first, we went to the daigoji temple. it is a world heritage site and deservedly so. the park is wonderful. i can only imagine how gorgeous the cherry tree alley must be in full bloom.

visiting kyotovisiting kyotovisiting kyotovisiting kyoto

fushimi inari taisha was amazing! thousands of tori gates going up and down the mountain. we hiked and hiked. even if the day was rainy, the forest walk was very pleasant.

these grilled sparrows were on sale outside the temple. i don’t know what the other birds were. i haven’t tried any of them. 


i had to say goodbye to esther and then i bought japanese vogue + a couple of books about japan (in english), including some manga about food, and got on my train to osaka.

my host, akira, picked me up and we had okonomiyaki for dinner.

a less known fact is that the city was the initial target for the first nuclear bomb. but hiroshima was subsequently chosen as the target as kyoto had numerous temples and historical buildings.

do not miss visiting kyoto if you can help it!

credits: little aesthete