visiting osaka, day one. i spent the day walking around osaka aimlessly. it was great!

visiting osaka

in the past, i used to plan all my trips in detail. i gave that up. i came to japan with only one specific objective, the prada building by herzog and de meuron in tokyo.

my first day in osaka was sunny and windy sunday. that explains the empty streets and the newly married couple.

visiting osakavisiting osakavisiting osaka

so i just walked and i discovered a beautiful and modern city. the boys here are cooler that in the rest of japan (i can’t explain it).

i went to a toy/manga exhibition at the history museum. and then to the osaka castle and its park. at the end of the day, i visited the national museum of art and the science museum.

on my way back to the station, i stopped in a skate park full of kids. nice!

credits: little aesthete