vitra is this super cool design company! perhaps you remember my algue wall! but that is just one tiny part of their mind-blowing  range of products and designers. think eames, starck, ron arad and pretty much everybody else worth their macbook. but this post is not about how wonderful vitra is, it’s about the factory sale they had this past saturday in their warehouse in weil am rhein. thousands of discounted (up to 65%) products…this sounds like interior design heaven!


do you want to see what happened? because i certainly enjoy living vicariously other people’s joy when they manage to score eye-catching, modern pieces to make their places look more interesting!

omg! the vitra treasure chest 🙂

many people with exquisite tastes wait patiently in line

and the browsing begins...

look what i got!

the panton chairs were a hit!

i got an eames and i'm taking it home!

it won't all fit in the car! but who cares 🙂

this is totally a party i wish i went to! vitra factory sale ftw!