you must’ve already heard about the slave earrings story: the world is outraged that vogue italia posted online a trend story on hoop earrings and called them slave earrings. franca sozzani apologized and played the mis-translation card and blamed the translator for using slave instead of ethnic (although she was obviously just making some poor damage control). they finally removed the piece altogether but you can see it below.

this story apparently made the shit hit the fan!: the world is, of course, furious…endless how dare they! articles.

excuse me? do they have no shame? the press behind this outrage, i mean.

vogue italia is probably the only major fashion magazine in the world who had an all-black issue. please keep in mind the fact that italy’s black population is tiny. they also recently had a curvy cover, if i recall right. how many black or curvy models have you seen featured in regular fashion magazines? or in any other magazine? or in american magazines? (where the aforementioned groups are plentifully represented)

moreover, the online vogue italia has a v black and a v curvy section. this is light years ahead of any major fashion magazine/website. so the hypocritical press likes to look at things superficially, to present the story unilaterally. if you remember, the same happened with vogue paris sometime ago when they published a black face editorial. the press said that they use fair-skinned models even when they want dark-skinned ones…vogue paris is another pretty forward thinking magazine: they don’t discriminate too much when it comes to models. they use black, asian, larger size, etc much more than the majority of the fashion publications.

what’s funny is that the people are NOT offended by vogue italia’s wording. find the various versions of the story on the many websites featuring it and check the comments: a small percentage of the readers are actually angry…

this pc bullshit is getting a bit too much…anyhow, if you bother to research this, you will also notice that the many authors didn’t: they just copy-pasted the content in the article and perhaps changed the title. not the picture though: a screen shot of the now removed story i’m also using so that you can judge for yourselves the level of outrage you’re feeling…

i guess this is a good example of the theory that press is becoming increasingly irrelevant: the writers blindly take the content they find online, no research involved, and they use it almost entirely with a few unnoticeable modifications. the popularity of a scandal piece far surpasses that of a level-headed article and journalists are very well aware of that. so they use this kind of unilateral truth and most of the readers just eat that up, trusting the journalists to have done their job. manipulation is the name of the game…