i started reading vogue in a freshly post-communist romania, in the newly opened british and american public libraries: it was a huge eye-opener for me. imagine going from the grey uniformity outside to avedon’s glamorous ads for versace, brad pitt with very long blond hair and endless pages of grown up wonders. the key to an entire world was offered to me and i didn’t say no and i haven’t said no ever since: the wall in my apartment lined with back issues of vogue is proof.

i have been reading vogue uk constantly for over 20 years now and i often and voluntarily stray to local editions, when i travel. they have different flavours and they are occasionally interesting, but the quality just isn’t as good. all these years after and i am still undoubtedly a vogue uk girl: they see fashion as art and as business. and they certainly have the best content, the most wonderful pictures, proper journalism, and they are for ever ahead of the pack. i always feel like my money is well spent.

below, you have my highlights for the current issue:

* the new gucci ads starring the monegasque princess, charlotte casiraghi.  a wise decision, she is more beautiful and more expressive than most models.

* an article on the surprising assignation of the duo behind opening ceremony as the creative directors of kenzo. a daring, open-minded decision! i’ll be watching kenzo’s collections as i hear the duo has many ideas.

* the kooples try to add a little edge to their new campaign by using pete doherty and irina lazareanu.

* the women’s designer gallery in selfridges. in the fitting room, the three-way mirror has built-in cameras that can take snapshots or videos of you wearing a certain outfit. the results can be viewed, compared and even e-mailed to a friend for a second opinion. it sounds like the future of retail.

* i notice a wave of ethical concern: alexa cheung has a piece on getting her wardrobe an ethical makeover and the same idea is applied to the shoes dresser in another article, a few pages later. also, there’s an ethical special featuring everything from make up to retreats. i appreciate vogue for taking this stand.

* the more dash than cash section is dedicated to a modern work wardrobe. nice!

* london’s mayor, boris johnson, is under intense scrutiny given the upcoming olympics and mayoral elections and vogue has an article to prove it.

* also, a cover story featuring a barely pregnant sienna miller, an article about how armpit grooming is the next trend, a few interesting dressers and, on the last page, a surprising calory count for a selection of chocolate bunnies on sale for easter.

a pleased customer says: thank you, vogue!

photo credits: google search