vogue uk december 2014 is, as usual, my highlights of the current issue.

vogue uk december 2014

the magazine pulls some aces from its sleeve: a double kate moss cover. the model is also co-editing the issue: her world is featured in articles illustrated by mario testino, david bailey and tim walker. expect original insight into the life of the longeval model: favourites, friends and even her house.

get a glimpse below of kate’s boys, shot by david bailey:

* tim walker shoots an endless string of kate’s favourites. i like the layout!

vogue uk december 2014 1vogue uk december 2014 2

* besides, this is the december issue, everybody! it’s full of adverts of possible gifts: watches, jewelry, diamonds, etc. i remember a piece of advice a women’s magazine was giving to its readers. they were supposed to earmark the pages featuring the gifts they wanted and leave the magazine around the house, for their partner to find. ha ha!

* two things about j.m.w. turner. tate britain has an ongoing show: late turner, paintings set free. at the same time, mike leigh has a new biopic on the big screen called mr. turner.

Regulus 1828, reworked 1837 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

* a short but interesting article on the la art scene.

* a shout out caught my eye: an art gallery with locations in london, berlin and la. i’m following them on facebook already!

* uniqlo bought two pages to advertise their heattech range. lightweight clothes that still generate warmth. i’m very interested!

vogue uk december 2014 3

* apparently, kate also likes coca cola as a hangover cure. a long article trying to explain all its pluses… seriously?

* chiltern firehouse, one of the new hotels in london, is also apparently a haven for the rich and famous. owned by the same guy that own chateau marmont in la, andre balazs.

vogue uk december 2014 6

* an article on being a ginger. interesting!

* the story of a nurse that closely missed the ebola wave in sierra leone.

* a short selection of new names to watch out for. i say: watch out for rosie assoulin and delpozo!

vogue uk december 2014 5

* one of the latest beauty trends? intravenous vitamin infusions. no, thank you!

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ps: i’m off to spain, i’ll keep you posted on facebook. hasta pronto! đŸ™‚

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