vogue uk february 2014 is my current read. i will select the highlights for you.

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* the current louis vuitton campaign features models eddie campbell and gisele, catherine deneuve and director/long time collaborator sofia coppola. this was marc jacobs’ swansong after 16 years with the fashion house!

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* the latest celine campaign is, once again, an unbeatable combination of daria webowy’s unbelievable bone structure, juergen teller’s realist photography and phoebe philo’s flawless designs. most remarkable celine items: the shoes and the hole bag – it’s featured at least 3 times in this issue!

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* an article that questions whether the overprices megaproductions of the fashion shows are still relevant in the digital age. huge budgets, days for preparing the set and hours for preparing the models for shows that last less than 20 minutes. apparently, 20% of the pieces on show will never be made to be sold. also, 80% of the sales consist of the more wearable pre-collections items that have better prices. i’d venture to say that there’s more politics, pr and social media in the shows now than actual fashion. but fashion is huge business and the image is a big part of it.

* the la perla campaign is larger than usual and it features a charismatic trio: malgosia bella, liu wen and carla delevigne. hmm…

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* the show artist textiles at the fashion & textile museum (31.02-17.05) will exhibit patterned fabrics by picasso, moore and miro, among others.

* i have two favourite outfits in this issue. the first is by alexander wang for balenciaga. think deluxe sporty details on surprising cuts and shapes. and the second is by christopher kane. i like the shoes. and i love the cut out embellished shoulder.

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* to mark the upcoming david bailey show, stardust, at the national portrait gallery (6.02-1.06), a piece written by his wife.

* five women calculate the price per wear for their current wardrobes. it’s very interesting and it makes you do your own calculations!

* an intriguing piece on fitness tribes and their outfits. it also notices how sportswear is seeping into everyday wardrobes. what could be better than comfortable clothes?

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for all the details, find the vogue uk february 2014 issue at newsstands around the globe. enjoy!

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