vogue uk february 2015 is the current issue of my favourite magazine.

vogue uk february 2015

* am i in a bad mood or are most of the current campaigns really weak? pfff…

* i like the dolce and gabbana campaign though. inspired by flamenco, it ticks all the boxes: it looks quite natural, the styling, make up and hair look great and the model casting is flawless. check the video to get all the details!

vogue uk february 2015 1

* miu miu doesn’t give up its concept of featuring hot young actresses. this time around, steven meisel shot marine vacth from francois ozon’s jeune et jolie.

vogue uk february 2015 3

* the 70s are back! they brought their full paraphernalia, too: disco platforms, suede, bell bottoms, etc. i hope at least some of you will enjoy it…

* stella mccartney still makes us drool over her sportswear, even if it’s been 11 years since she’s been collaborating with adidas. win!

* i am not a fan of the editorials in this issue. but i did like a boilersuit from ralph lauren collection and that satin net look from balenciaga.

vogue uk february 2015 4vogue uk february 2015 5

* the big buzz of this issue is the cover girl: jourdan dunn. they hail her as the first colour model to break the 11-year white covers. well, what else do i know now about jourdan, apart from her stellar body and career? she has a 4-year old – for extra points, find his picture carrying this issue of vogue on her instagram. cute!

* i liked this hermes outfit but not the marni sandals.

vogue uk february 2015 5 6

* mini-profiles of 8 new designers. interesting.

* armani celebrates 40 years in the business. vogue celebrates with a spread.

vogue uk february 2015 8

* trending: judo belts! i saw two in this issue. all i can think of is that there are several colours to pick from, lol!

* alicia vikander is a fresh faced swedish actress profiled and photographed. i like her, i’ll check out her work.

vogue uk february 2015 5 7

* the cosmetic tools to fix scars.

* a profile of dutch painter marlene dumas. her retrospective opens at tate modern on february the 5th.

vogue uk february 2015 9

* the moodboard page is full of saint valentine’s day stuff.

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