vogue uk january 2015 is the current issue of my favourite magazine.  vogue uk january 2015

i loved the new section: 2015 reboot . i hope it’ll become a fixture! it lists the best cultural events to take place next year. among them: the alexader mcqueen retrospective, savage beauty, will be shown between 14.03 and 19.09 at the v&a. on february, hanif kureishi is expected to launch a new collection of essays. in march, a bjork retrospective opens at moma in nyc and a calder exhibition launches at tate modern, in november. damien hirst is planning to open his own private art gallery in vauxhall sometime in may-june.

* l’arco baleno is a portal for design collectibles. check it out!

* two truly special hotelsmaison rika in amsterdam and the 5 rue de moussy in paris (the three apartments are a joint venture between azedine alaia and 10 corso como).

* who to call in case you need a bespoke book or art collection, a fitness or filing system.

* rural vision – the acknowledgement that uk doesn’t have to be london-centric style-wise.

* karim sadli shot be precise: bright, colour blocking. i can’t even tell what i like best: his photography or the styling of lucinda chambers.

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street view introduces 6 new designers via their street style relevance.

* the cover editorial shows freja in extremely bourgeois 70s inspired outfits. because apparently the 70s are back.

* a profile of mia goth. i’ve seen her in lars von trier’s nymphomaniac and i wasn’t impressed. this interview hasn’t helped much either. but i like it that she chose not to wear make up.

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* i liked the profile of consuelo castiglioni’s house. it is expectedly happy, colourful and mismatched. very marni, d’oh!

* my favourite article in a while: generation tech. it profiles a few young women as well as the entire tech scene they helped create.

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* is egg freezing really a good idea?

* in dressing the part, an agent, a private gp, a managing director and an artist show their different ways of enjoying the freedom from the uniform.

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