vogue uk june 2014 is the current issue of my favourite magazine in the world. i read it through so you don’t (necessarily) have to. here are my highlights!

vogue uk 2014

* i love the ad campaign for light blue. the casting is spectacular: british david gandy and italian bianca balti. and the setting is wonderful as well. i wonder where it was shot: italy or elsewhere?

vogue uk 2014 1

* apparently, 2014 is the year of one piece swimming suits. is the bikini ever going to be out of fashion though?

* an article on the new netflix-produced series, orange is the new black.

* cover girl kate upton is the second time a vogue uk girl. i’m not convinced. what was her talent again?

vogue uk june 2014 4

* an article pondering on what is there to be done with a person’s wardrobe after their death.

* sienna miller’s sister, savannah, moved to panama with her entire family (it’s not her in the picture below). i think i would like moving away. i don’t think it would be a walk in the park but i believe i would end up loving it. has any of you moved away from home?

vogue uk june 2014 2

* funny style reference to find in vogue: dolly parton.

* the story of a tummy tuck: the decision, the doubts, the surgery and the life post-tuck.

vogue uk june 2014 3

* elle fanning is a style icon and only 16 years old. i can’t believe it!

vogue uk june 2014 5

* leslie cockburn wrote a lengthy and very informed portrait of the possible first female president of the us. as a matter of fact, the writer is olivia wilde’s mother.

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