vogue uk may 2014 may be the current issue of the magazine but i have already bought the june issue as well.

vogue uk may 2014

* the more dash than cash supplement is featuring binx walton, a former skater and the new model to watch. i can’t take my eyes off her!

vogue uk may 2014 1

* i clocked the shiny latex trench in valentino’s customizable collection, rouge absolute.

vogue uk may 2014 2

*  zoe kravitz talks about her budding acting career and her side project, band lolawolf.

* my digital life: which one fits your online shopping persona? yoox, lyst or farfetch?

*  5 women – 5 digital lives: the guardian’s pakistan and afganistan editor, a singer, a fashion editor, a labour member of the parliament and a photographer. the insight is very different and interesting.

* identical swedish twins have a band called say lou lou and it’s surprisingly good.

* the cover story was the second kate moss x topshop collaboration. if the cover featured the supermodel, the editorial showed freja wearing the collection. i saw the collection in store last wekk. it’s meh…

kate phelan is one of vogue’s contributing fashion editors. coincidentally, she’s also the creative director for topshop.

vogue uk may 2014 3

* 7 new girl acts model various kinds of shades.

vogue uk may 2014 5

* an ode to the british model. the article confirmed what i have noticed for a long time: many of the models have aristocratic origins…

* viva brazil! is an article where brazileiros give us their best addresses and tips for visiting their home country. hmm, it makes me wanna go there…

vogue uk may 2014 4

unfortunately, this issue is no longer available for sale but i hope you got what you needed. i’ll soon post on the june issue.

photo credits: copyright owners