vogue uk october 2014 is my overview of this month’s issue of vogue. read on!

vogue uk october 2014 1

* binx spearheads chanel’s current campaign in a box gym. she’s wearing a pair of leather sweatpants very similar to those in alexander wang x h&m collection. but probably the h&m price of 180 pounds looks infinitely better than the thousands charged by karl, right?

vogue uk october 2014 6

* ysl’s campaign is photographed, as usual, by the house designer, hedi slimane. he is currently showing sonic in paris (18.09 – 11.01). i love his work, i’d love to be able to see this!

vogue uk october 2014 2

* i salute the association of nars with the ageless charlotte rampling, but the visuals are disappointing. i guess the point of a make up campaign is not to make the model look worse than usual…

vogue uk october 2014 3

* i found a few articles focusing on arts and crafts. i especially liked the one about the brooklyn woodworker called ariele alasko.

vogue uk october 2014 4

* i have followed anton corbijn‘s career for about 20 years. he has recently launched his second film, a most wanted man, with the late philip seymour hoffman in his last role.

* since charlotte olympia has been an all kinds of radars in recent years, perhaps you may want to check out charlotte dellal‘s london home.

* i am a bit surprised to see tilda swinton paired with a mercedes benz.

vogue uk october 2014 7

* the peak of thrifting must be online retailer of pre-loved fashion vestiaire collective. vogue introduces it with the stories of some of its young and hip customers.

* discover a few middle east fashion retailers. the article is an interesting introduction to the fashion taste of a different culture.

* a triple profile of young british jewelers: lauren adriana, lily kamper and hannah martin. i enjoyed this one!

* the cover girl is the rosamund pike. she is a quasi-unknown actress chosen by davind fincher exactly because of that to star in his newly launched film, gone girl. i love fincher, i love trent reznor (he’s done the soundtrack) so i’ll check out the film.

* tavi is 18 now and apparently a future broadway star. alexa chung interviews her in her chicago home. i am still not convinced…

* an article about the hate for the ubiquitous extension of us that has become our phone and 24/7 connectedness.

it’s been quite an informative issue. get yours at the newsstand!

photo credits: copyright owners