vogue uk september 2014 is really heavy and partly disappointing. but you need to read through to see what i mean.

vogue uk september 2014

* am i the only one who thinks the dior ads looks like prada? i mean especially the shoes.

vogue uk september 2014 2

anyway, speaking of prada, i love the concrete container building setting of the new campaign. people complained it’s gloomy. but i believe an autumn campaign can do with some gloom.

vogue uk september 2014 3

* more shots from the triple lv campaign. my favourite is the one where juergen teller used a maserati boomerang as a prop. hmm!

vogue uk september 2014 4

* the chanel campaign festures binx and cara in white and candy pink. oh, karl: the girls are interesting, the clothes and those wanna be sneakers are not!

vogue uk september 2014 5

* a cool new campaign i like is dkny. they go for the more is better look and cram as many people as possible in one shot. who do i love? interesting seoul-born soo joo park and the tat guy, daniel bamdad.

vogue uk september 2014 6

* david lynch has recently collaborated with kenzo on their catwalk. i feel like the current campaign bears his mark as well. apparently, the lynch flavour was lent by toiletpaper magazine trio maurizio cattelan, pierpaolo ferrari and micol talso. how twin peaks does this feel?

vogue uk september 2014 7

* kate moss is looking young and cool in brothel creepers in stella mccartney’s campaign.

vogue uk september 2014 8

* i notice vogue started using street style shots to illustrate trends and pieces. i like it!

* rag&bone shoots winona looking her age. i love it and i think it may be her best look so far!

vogue uk september 2014 9

* i found an ad for a new service: conde nast portrait. they are renting out their teams from vogue, vanity fair and conde nast traveller.

* luella bartley and katie hillier are supposed to revive marc jacobs, the brand. marc externalizes the creative direction to a couple of british girls now that he’s free from his former full time job at louis vuitton.  odd, right? or perhaps he’s fishing for another big name to design for. we’ll wait and see!

vogue uk september 2014 10

apparently, this is the biggest issue of vogue uk ever. unfortunately, it also appears to be my least favourite since it seems to contain fail after fail

* there is an article seemingly about designers taking inspiration from street style. actually, it depicts the ridiculous lengths to which designers are willing to go to prevent knock offs. they line their pieces with mink and sew them with gold thread…seriously? mary katranzou has a 20,000 pound mink sweatshirt. and la perla is selling a real gold bra for 6.5k with an extra 1.3k for the matching knickers. this is not luxury, it’s just plain non sense…

* a girl converts to judaism to be able to get married. she also needs to change the way she dresses. she’s presenting to us the ins and outs of her new golden cage.

* i am a woman who has all her adult life refused marriage and i’m pissed. vogue thinks that writing an article on this topic would please me. but there is the small aspect of the author and her very odd angle on the matter. she goes on and on about how she has never understood marriage. and then… dear vogue, how can a person who really refuses marriage identify with this woman? she reveals that she actually used to be married. out of convenience, of all things. and she has been unable to choose marriage for herself for the past 20 years since her partner has been married all this time. hasn’t the editor who oversees the article seen the huge contradictions and discrepancies?

perhaps i shouldn’t be expecting relevance and common sense from a marketing tool like vogue. i’m not being sensible, right?

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