vogue uk september issue is most probably the thickest issue of the year. its 400+ pages have nothing on the highly hyped 900+ pages of vogue us september issue, i admit it. but, even if both owe a lot of their thickness to ads, at least vogue uk has some interesting content hidden in between those glamorous campaigns.

vogue uk september issue 2013 daria

as usual, i will give my highlights and you can buy the real thing in case you want to read more.

* prada features a fresh faced 44 yo christy turlington. i am not ageist, to the contrary. i’m just underlining how well she looks alongside the younger models.

vogue uk september issue prada christy turlington

* surprise: carla bruni is the face of bvlgari jewelry.

daria is back! she’s on the cover of the august issue of vogue paris, on the cover of the september issue of vogue uk and she has at least one editorial in the september issue of vogue us. and she’s also in several campaigns, including celine and isabel marant. i really like her: she seems grounded and her own person.

vogue uk september issue daria

* they’re trying to make thigh highs happen. don’t worry, they will fail. the reason is always the same: thigh highs are too much trouble. you could follow chanel’s lead and fake it: wear regular shoes plus leather leg warmers. i kid, i kid… stick to your normal footwear.

* the campaigns feature many asian girls. it’s a sure sign that many houses are aiming to increase their market share in asia.

vogue uk chanel

* sarah burton at mcqueen has been paralyzed in the same repetitive gig ever since lee passed, endlessly recycling the last ideas they actually collaborated on…

cara delevigne is still going strong: many campaigns, an editorial and she was hand picked by pharrell to feature alongside him in the pictures for his interview.

vogue uk september issue cara dkny

vivienne westwood dares to be the only 72 yo featured in any of the fall campaigns.

* tired of isabel marant’s wedge sneakers and their tsunami of replicas? well, there’s a new cool isabel marant shoe in town. that’s if you have 1,500 euro to spare. if you don’t, just wait patiently for the knock offs.

vogue uk september issue isabel marant booties

* there are at least 3 interviews: daria, pharrell and tom ford. apparently, the latter has a son by a surrogate. great example.

* i don’t like the article they have on fur. they say that only at the copenhagen fur bourse, 21 million mink pelts are sold on an annual basis… they give us a lot of details about the industry in an effort to legitimize the whole thing.

69% of the designers use real fur. celine, after lining birkenstocks with mink, has a full mink dress in the new collection. wtf!?

i can’t understand it how we are still not over fur yet. vogue should be ashamed for publishing this material. i understand that there is pressure from the clients to make fur sexy but there should be other values apart from money. especially now that there are so realistic versions of fake fur. sad…

* i liked darren almond‘s norfolk house. cool place!

vogue uk september issue 2013 darren almond

* vogue branches out with conde nast college of fashion and design.

* i fell in love with simone rocha’s pink coat in the spring. and now that autumn is coming, it is one of the season’s hits.

vogue uk september issue simone rocha pink coat

* in foodie news, check out mad. it is a community made of cooks, chefs and farmers with an interest in food, flavours and good eating. if you are in copenhagen on the 25th and the 26th of august, do not miss the mad symposium! the theme of this year’s edition is guts, both literally and figuratively.

this was my overview. now you decide if it’s enough or if you should go buy the magazine!

photo credits: vogue uk, google search