vogue uk is my favourite magazine. i like their writing and range. they keep up with the changes, sometimes they even lead the way.

that’s why, every once in a while, i will give you details about the current issue. which could very well be reasons for reading the magazine, right?

what did i find out by reading vogue uk this month?

* prada‘s new steven meisel-shot campaign uses a mix of older (amber valletta, eva herzigova, kirsten owen), younger (raquel zimmermann, sasha pivovarova), new stars (saskia de braw) and new faces. the visuals feature some of those geisha shoes with the tabi socks. but they are just for show. the real best sellers are going to be the pointy flats.

* the new, clean chanel campaign. cute chunky shoes!

* celine uses once again the same winning formula: a relaxed daria werbowy shot by super realist juergen teller. and i just know that those new fluffy-soled birkenstocks are every fashionista’s wet dream. after wearing punishing stilt-like heels for ever, they’d love to walk on those pillowy clouds. i predict the sandals will be sold out in a moment!

* cara delevigne is the face of the moment. she was in 38 of the spring shows, wearing 58 looks. it’s totally cara time!

* i loved the under construction story. short and sweet, it brings attention to increasingly complex, architecture-inspired pieces. i love the bao bao bags by issey miyake (there is a huge cult around them in asia right now) and the shoes in the current fendi collection.

vogue ukvogue uk

* vogue announces a growing ear cuff trend. i see the potential!

* how we shop now goes into depth with regard to the new frugality. price per wear, investment pieces, you get the idea.

the new modern editorial features a few pieces by romanian brand murmur by andreea badala. congratulations!

* an 8-page spread called katepedia. it went to incredible lengths to detail the princess’ wardrobe. it sounded a lot like a paid ad, blowing kate’s horn unnecessarily: her style, frugality, style patriotism, etc. it could have been done in 4 pages.

* at the end, there are two very interesting pieces: one on contemporary art mogul larry gagosian‘s new paris gallery

* and one on juergen teller and his current london exhibition. i found out captivating details about this very original german photographer who carved a niche for himself while sticking to his guns. for instance: he toured with nirvana before they were famous. marc jacobs has been employing him ever since 1998, for each and every mj campaigns. great job, herr teller!

vogue uk is still available at newsstands the world over if you want to read more than just my teasers. enjoy!

photo credits: google search