vogue uk – the march issue brings all the new trends for the current year. i’m not big on following fashions, but i love watching the whole mechanism, the creation, marketing and business of it all.

vogue uk

* the cover goes to super model of the moment, cara delevigne. she gives good face on her first vogue cover. in related news, she seems to have copyrighted her name and appearance. further details will come soon. inside the magazine, you will find an article on cara as well as mario testino spread featuring the model.

* kitten heels are back! i have never understood this type of shoe. it’s all the instability without the boost.

* chanel’s new lego clutches. i love them! i would so wear them. hey karl, in case you are left with an unsold bunch please remember that i like red. green would do just fine, too. danke!

vogue uk

* an article on alex wang taking over nicolas ghesquiere’s place at balenciaga. since wang’s first show for balenciaga took place a few days ago, i can all the more express my reservations. i like what alex has been doing with his own brand, but i cannot forget how probably most of nicolas’ collections for balenciaga were hits. to be continued, i guess…

* i don’t know if you noticed, but that smell of teen spirit is going through a revival. i never thought i’d live to see the day when vogue publishes a top 5 featuring songs from hole, pixies and, of course, nirvana. the related fashion spread is sad and uneventful, totally unlike the original street trend.

* the victoria&albert museum will soon open a david bowie retrospective. with a newly released album, the thin white duke seems to enjoy 2013 as his year. if you are in london at any time between 23.03 and 11.08, do not miss this gucci-powered retrospective called david bowie is.

vogue uk

* another of 2013’s trends is everything and anything oriental. i can’t say i haven’t seen this one coming: just look at prada’s latest collection!

*  i loved the monochrome spread shot by alasdair mclellan. i liked it so much i ripped off a couple of pages and pinned them to my mood board. nice, huh?

vogue ukvogue uk

* a mini-trend i like: a skinny ring on each finger.

*  delfina delettrez talks of her love for surrealism as an introduction for two big upcoming shows in london. if you share her interest, do not miss man ray portraits at the national portrait gallery until 27.05 and the bride and the bachelors: duchamp with cage, cunningham, rauschenberg and johns at the barbican gallery until 9.06.

* although the last completion deadline was announced to be sometime in 2015, the hamburg herzog and demeuron-designed elbe philarmonic hall was listed as a concert space destination. as i visited hamburg twice since its inception and since i’d love to see it in its final form already, i hail this shout out.

vogue uk

* vogue sings praise to flats! perhaps you remember i predicted last month that fashionistas will give up their high heels for flats. lol! so they swear off their high heels in order to try on flats and the relaxed cool that walking in a normal, able way brings along.

on topic: i hear that celine lined those birkenstocks with mink. seriously, celine? in an era when fake fur is so close to the real thing, you should be ashamed of this decision!

* the thing i’m most excited about is the future launch of a new h&m premium line. it’s called & other stories and it’s designed in collaboration by paris and stockholm-based teams. i like the selection vogue used to illustrate the article – very acne. the new line aims to offer a complete look. i did a little research and i like what i see.

(the video is no longer available)

they have a limited edition beauty range launched in collaboration with colette. available until 25.02. their e-store will be launched soon, at the same time as their first stores, in early march.

keep your eyes peeled for this one: facebook, tumblr, youtube and website.

* for the fans of dame helen mirren, there is an article at page 331.

* and on page 367, a very interesting story on how fashion works in the arabic countries. on how designers bend to satisfy both the client and her religious beliefs. read to find mind blowing details and figures.

these were my highlights, for more go get your vogue uk copy!

photo credits: vogue uk, google search