it scares me to see people fetishizing material things in an escapist craze while barely ever thinking about actual life. i see thousands of blogs and wall posts depicting lifeless perfect-for-the-camera pictures of girls wearing cute cookie cutter outfits and pictures of their lives defined by perfect arrangements of objects.

it’s as if they’re hoping that the perfect outfit or the cutest looking room will deliver them from all harm and they’ll get an a-plus at life. but how can they not? doesn’t society via the mass media teach them that they are expected to shut up and look pretty? they’re trying to obtain the picture-perfect lives to go with their pristine-looking clothes and the latest touchscreen gadgets. you have to search high and wide to find people working on actually being better versions of themselves, not just posing in an over-stylized online version of life.

girls, why can’t you stop falling for highly misleading marketing concepts such as “limited edition”, “must have”, “it bag”, etc? they’re just bullshit ploys to get your money anyway as the money makers spend uncanny amounts in order to train the masses in furious consumerism. and i think that perhaps you should stop reading those damn magazines! most of them are just teaching you how you need that trendy but torturing pair of shoes and how the spa will transform you in a better person just by overcharging you for a relaxing massage.

boys, how comes you don’t realize how sad it is to see your insanely expensive car parked behind that old building where you pay rent for a sad little apartment? also, i think it may be high time for you to accept that you will never own a ferrari, but you will be however recurrently buried under the bills for your shiny and most probably useless toys.

also can’t you please just stop pairing up and walking hand in hand in malls, online or offline: your place is already full of brand new, label-on clothes and unpacked useless gadgets. life is elsewhere and you’re missing it! book a flight someplace new and just go! things have this habit of just happening: unknown smells, mesmerizing places and new friends.

we are not our clothes! we are not a number: age, money or weight! we are not our belongings! we are not defined by our partner or by our circle! if you wonder what is there left, i’ll tell you: it’s ourselves! i’m pretty sure you will enjoy discovering yourself. and, when life has less x factors, many of our problems can be solved!