shala monroque is…

have you ever dreamt of having a globetrotting life along with your billionaire art-loving boyfriend who would like you for your unique style and wit? one of your best friends (and co-workers) would be another equally stratospheric trophy girlfriend. together you’d be collaborating on incredible creative projects. star designers and la creme de la creme would love you and befriend you. although initially you’d dream of becoming a nobel prize writer, you actually became an art consultant and then editor for arty magazines. bloggers would worship and document your trademark style and the world would end up bowing down to your remarkable quota of awesomeness.

shala monroque

for each billion of girls dreaming about it, there’s one doing it! shala monroque is all of the above and much more. she’s an adoptive new yorker whose blog and tumblr i recommend. she is the current girlfriend of the hugely influential art dealer larry gagosian (you may have heard of the gagosian galleries). and she used to be pop‘s editor at large but since september she followed her former workmate and roman abramovich’s wife, dasha zhukova, to become the creative director for the ambitious new undertaking, the garage magazine.

shala monroque

shala monroque

if she wears a whole lot of prada and you think that the style seems to fit her like a glove is probably because she was actually the source of inspiration for the collections: she is friends with miuccia and also the brand’s unofficial ambassador and muse.

put her on your to watch list! for more info on her, click here or here or watch what she told net a porter about her personal style.

(the video is not available anymore)

shala monroque is featured in a spread in the december issue of vogue nippon. it was shot by super street style photographer tommy ton, in her home island of st. lucia. enjoy!

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