i spent my entire life witnessing people embracing an age-old stereotype regarding women: how they are beyond comprehension. people love this stuff. man and women alike, they live their lives relying on the good ol’ double standard.

as a woman, i have this little theory. feel free to infirm it if you think otherwise. women are not men. i guess we all agree on this. women have a monthly cycle and they depend on the hormone tide. it is a psychological as well as physical loop that never ends (and when it does, menopause makes you miss the much hated cycle anyways).

they probably say women don’t know what they want because they want something else all the time.

i say: the single most important piece of advice i have to give to my male friends is: do not lose track of your girl’s cycle. learn her rhythm and adapt to it. she’ll crave chocolate and want a kind man to cuddle during pmsy times and she’ll be an energetic tornado and want a wild man to match her spirits after her period is gone. of course, this is a very sketchy way of putting it, to say nothing of the fact that each girl has different reactions. nonetheless, if you care so much about understanding your cuter half, bear with me and try this little thing i’m preaching here. i hope it’ll save you a lot of trouble

PS: try treating your girl with love, kindness and understanding, at all times. in case that’s not possible for you because you think of your girl more along the lines of bitchy and crazy, perhaps you should just find somebody else you actually care about. just saying…