since last year’s post was so successful, i figured i have to do it again, hoping to turn even more people away from buying live trees.

alternative christmas

research yielded many, many interesting ideas so i believe you should first check out my selection and then browse for more inspiration.

i started out thinking about diy trees but then i realized there’s so much more out there:

* for customized gift wrapping paper, click here

* for how to turn an old magazine into a christmas tree, click here

* for edible wreaths, click here.

* for very cute pop-up christmas cards, click here.

* for how to wrap in kraft papier, click here.

and for a myriad of ideas on how to make your own decorations or nibbles, check out pinterest.

while surfing, i found that these and these are for sale, but i think they can also be great inspiration for diy projects.

and now, a few examples of trees that you can make yourselves, with your friends and family. and i’m pretty sure that you can get kids involved!

the christmas tree made of many little nothings. click here.

alternative christmas little nothings

the washi tape christmas tree. click here.

alternative christmas washi tape2alternative christmas washi tape1

cardboard christmas tree. click here.

alternative christmas tree cardboard

felt ball christmas tree. click here.

alternative christmas tree

papier mache christmas tree. click here.papier mache christmas tree diy

there are also trees for which you need no guidance.

alternative christmas tree light garland alternative christmas tree books alternative christmas tree cards alternative christmas treechalk1alternative christmas tree chalk alternative christmas tree doily christmas tree tapechristmas tree egg carton christmas tree washi tape christmas tree wood  christmas tree wood lightschristmas tree books1christmas tree lights

the ultimate recyclable christmas tree? the one made of food, of course.

christmas tree strawberries christmas tree fruit  christmas tree cheesechristmas tree cucumber

remember: don’t buy, just diy! and enjoy your winter holidays!

photo credits: copyright holders